Adrian Lewis

Minnie The Moocher - cello, bass
Pechalbel Canon in D - cello, bass

Adrian Lewis was the only kid with a Cello in Canberra in the late 50’s. He discovered the real world through National Music Camp and the Australian Youth Orchestra.

His professional orchestral life included working with the Sydney Symphony, the Melbourne Elizabethan Trust, the West Australian Symphony and the Sydney Elizabethan Orchestras.

As a freelance Cellist Adrian did anything that paid, as well as quite a lot that didn’t. The latter included the Sydney based  Jazz-rock fusion band Tully in Space, a late 70s reformation of Tully. Tully’s original drummer, Robert Taylor brought in jazz pianist Bob Gebert , and Canberra guitarist Dave Kain. Adrian joined them, playing a self built solid bodied Cello.

Adrian also played string section backing work for Australian tours of the likes of Abba and the BeeGees, as well as innumerable weddings, parties and receptions with the usual suspects and known offenders.

Adrian  retired to Rosedale in 2007, hoping for some peace and quiet, but fell in with Colin Enright who introduced him to PBGB. With Col he has formed Duopoly, an electric cello/guitar cover outfit, and will continue to do anything which pays, or even which doesn’t.

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