Colin Enright

Susie Q – Guitar

Col started playing guitar in Melbourne in the mid 60’s on a “Spanish guitar” sold to him by a school friend, why he bought it no-one knows.

After moving to Canberra, Col played in the requisite garage bands on Bass guitar, initially using the before mentioned Spanish guitar with the top 2 strings removed, before realizing that fame and fortune lay elsewhere.  This led to a stint as arch villain and circus ringmaster with the legendary Canberra concept band Sprunter.

Returning to music in his late 40’s Colin moved to playing guitar in a covers band, named Top Shelf , in and around Canberra.  This collaboration continues today and the band has a proud history of more than 10 years.

Moving to Rosedale on the South Coast has opened up more opportunities for Colin including collaborations with another guitarist in a Shadows cover band for local pubs and clubs and another with a concert trained cellist aimed at the wedding market.

Col first took up the challenge of The PBGB Shed in the mid naughties, and has been spilling red wine on the carpet ever since.  Early contributions were on bass, guitar and vocals in the less structured, grungier, low fidelity days.  Col has returned to The Shed a few times,  in the pursuit of the perfect take.

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