Mick Nadin

A Dream - Writer, Vocal, Harmonica
Away - Harmonica
Bar Beach Groove - Harp, Party Vocals
But Mostly - Harmonica
Destiny - Vocal. Harmonica, Writer
Bureaucracy - Harmonica, vocal, writer
Coloured Lights - Harmonica  
Drag Queen - Harmonica, Vocal
Dust - Harmonica
First Class Ticket - Harmonica, Backing Vocal
Forgot My Words - Harmonica 
Georgie - Vocals and harmonica
Gone Too Soon - Harmonica
If Only - Harmonica
It Ain't Right - Harmonica
Leavin' It All To The Dog - Writer, Vocal, Harp
Mama Told Me So - Harmonica
Makes Me Wonder Why - Harmonica, Vocal
Mister Fixit - Writer, Vocal
Mother Of Eternity - Vocal
Nanny State Madness - Writer,  Vocal, Harmonica
Paradiso - Harmonica, Melodica
Rocking Pool - Harmonica
Snake Oil - Harmonica
Sugar - Harmonica  
This Place - Harmonica and Backing Vocal
Who Do We Blame? - Writer, Vocal, Harmonica
Mick Nadin - aka General Mikey - always loved to play his records from the early days. Listening to the Rolling Stones thru to days of Alice Cooper, Uriah Heep, Dave Bowie, Supertramp, Steely Dan.
First rock concert saw Mick eyes wide open at Led Zeppelin - Sydney Showground 1971 but an aversion to practice of any kind prevented him from ever playing a musical instrument until of course he stumbled into a concert with Matt Taylor playing harmonica. It was an epiphany that would catch up later in life after Mick became tired of books, study and the establishment. 
Mick has been influenced also by the great sounds of Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson and Ian Collard. Mick still has an aversion to practice but time with PBGB has finally been the impetus to write songs, play songs and well, practice a little more. 
You can also check out Mick's musical interests by tuning into Sapphire FM every Thursday 8-10pm for the biggest kick arse reggae show on the planet - courtesy of another epiphany experienced once upon a time living in the Jamaican quarter of Notting Hill Gate London and some sleazy upmarket nightclubs in Soho - will save that story for another day.

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